Brief Review of Jonathan Sarfati’s “The Genesis Account” commentary on Genesis 1-11

The older I get, the more I am intrigued and drawn into the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis. So very much of the foundation of our world (and the Christian’s worldview) finds its foundation in these chapters. Truly, a correct understanding of the entire Bible will be faulty if your understanding of Genesis is faulty. So, as a result, I have a tendency to find and read commentaries on Genesis.

What book has been more savagely attacked than Genesis? None. Satan knows if he can undermine Genesis, it opens the gateway to attacking and undermining the rest of Scripture. As a result, the book of Genesis has been attacked and eisegetically (“reading into” a passage in contrast to exegesis which is to “draw out” from a passage) interpreted to include concepts foreign to the text (such as the “gap theory”, etc). A few years ago, my family and I went to a Genesis conference taught by Ken Gentry and he said a straightforward reading of Genesis would lead anyone to believe that God created the world in 6 days. Sadly though, we live in a time of too many BigEva teachers trying to score points with the evolutionist crowd though.

Well, to begin, JF’s commentary is 1010 pages in length. Now, a big book doesn’t necessary mean depth. A short book just about always does though. In this case, it does have depth. JF has a PhD in Chemistry and spent a lot of his life defending young-Earth/6-day creation. It shows! In our day and time, there are many, many errors to refute in a Genesis commentary as well as many needed pages to set the record straight about what the Genesis text is really teaching. You will find few stones left unturned in JF’s commentary! Be ready to read extended discussions on the 6-days of creation, Noah’s flood, the Tower of Babel, etc. JF also tackles the underlying Hebrew when that level of detail is needed. While there is much scientific discussion, I can honestly say it is a page-turner. It’s truly hard to put down!

I met JF at an Orlando, FL conference and got him to sign my copy – surely a treasure in my library. I’ve read the commentary twice, all the way through. Twice. The highest praise I can offer is that my wife completely read it through and commented she was deeply sad when there were no more pages to read. My wife is not given to sitting down with a commentary and reading it through. I have also gifted this commentary to a number of people.

JF’s commentary is truly a gift to the church. I can’t wait to finish my current Bible reading schedule so I can run through his commentary again. JF truly loves God’s word and does a masterful job exegeting the text in a straightforward and honest way. My first read was through a hardcover version but since then, a Kindle version has come out too. The Kindle version is only $20 and is the best $20 you’ll spend this year. Get it. Now. Right now.

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